Agents: Exercise your walkaway power

6 referral tips for those clients who don't fit your business

Do you consciously ask yourself before you start working with a client, "Is this person a good fit for my business?" If not, creating standards for your business can improve your production while reducing your stress level.

Have you ever had a gut feeling that you shouldn’t work with a particular client and then, against your better judgment, you decided to work with the client and it turned out to be a disaster? Clients who are a poor fit for your business are perhaps the single biggest source of aggravation in our business.

Ira Serkes had an interesting situation facing him several years ago. He once wanted to be the No. 1 agent in Berkeley, Calif. He had always been in the top 10, but never No. 1. One day he came to the realization that he would rather be "The Happiest Agent in Berkeley." For Serkes, that meant referring out leads he and his wife could not handle, rather than building a team.

The question for Serkes was how to determine which leads were the best fit for his business and which ones he would refer to other agents.