Zillow IPO expectations going up, up, up

Latest estimate suggests valuation of nearly $500M

Zillow has raised its expectations for pricing of an initial public offering to $16 to $18 a share — a figure that would value the company at up to $494 million, according to the company’s latest regulatory filing.

Shares in the real estate listing and valuation portal, which also connects consumers to real estate agents and mortgage lenders, are expected to begin trading next week. Zillow could raise up to $71.7 million in the IPO if the 3.9 million shares it plans to offer to investors and through a private placement sell at the top end of the expected range.

If underwriters of the IPO exercise an over-allotment option, Zillow would have nearly 27.5 million shares outstanding after the IPO, worth nearly $500 million at $18 a share. If the over-allotment option is not exercised, the 26.9 million shares outstanding would be worth $431 million if priced at $16 a share, the low end of Zillow’s estimate.

Just last week, the company said it expected its shares would sell for $12 to $14, which would have valued the company at about $350 million.