A fun and different way to create real estate videos

Video: Simple as 1-2-3

Editor's note: This is the third in a three-part series on video creation tools for Realtors. Read Part 1, "Turn mobile photos into listing videos," and Part 2, "Shooting video is only the beginning." Video is rapidly becoming as important in marketing your listings as the sign in the front yard. As a busy Realtor, do you really have time to fool with lights, cameras, microphones, and all the hassle involved in making a video? Very few agents would consider putting one of their listings on the market without any pictures. Today, video is rapidly becoming an expectation. The good news is that your smartphone, a good external microphone, a tripod, and a little creativity can allow you to shoot videos easily. In terms of length, shorter is better. People have short attention spans. Furthermore, it appears that YouTube determines your ranking on their site based upon how many views your videos receive plus the percentage of people who watch your video to the end. The ideal length ...