Top listing portals continue to pull away from the pack

Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, and claim almost 40 percent of traffic

The top online real estate sites continue to capture more and more market share, with the five most popular listing sites -- Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, and -- hogging 38.99 percent of all traffic from desktop computers in October, according to Experian Marketing Services data.That's just a hair less than the share of traffic commanded by the top 10 real estate websites in July 2012 (39.93 percent).October 2013 traffic to real estate sites from desktop computers Rank Website Market share Total visits1 Zillow 14.49% 53.5 million2 Trulia 8.16% 30.1 million3 Yahoo Homes 6.78% 25.0 million4 6.72% 24.8 million5 2.84% 10.5 millionSource: Experian Marketing ServicesYahoo Homes overtook for the No. 3 spot in October, continuing the long-term trend of declining market share for the official listing portal of the National Association of Realtors. lost ...