NYC rental listing site NextLanding bucks conventional wisdom by charging users

Startup Spotlight: Company verifies availability of listings and guarantees results

NextLanding rejects a common view among operators of real estate sites: that consumers won’t pay to access listings.

“Unlike probably every other listings site out there,” says CEO John Errico, the New York City-based rental listing site charges users for the services it provides.

“Philosophically, that means we can do things like contact … management companies or landlords on your behalf, sometimes repetitively,” he said of the $35 fee.

The firm verifies that listings are available by calling, texting or emailing brokers, property managers and landlords. Often, it helps renters connect directly with landlords or property managers, enabling them to avoid paying fees to brokers who advertise the same listings. To back up its service, NextLanding offers a money-back guarantee.

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