Zelda Heller: “I wanted to be among the best whatever I did”

The top producing agent says putting clients at ease is the key to success

Zelda Heller is a top-producing agent with Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. in the Washington, D.C. metro. Describe your job -- where are you located, what types of properties do you work with, what types of clients do you work with?My office is in downtown Bethesda and I also service the D.C., Chevy Chase and Potomac markets. I sell houses, condos and buildable lots in all price ranges and represent everyone from first-time to seasoned homebuyers. My specialty is in luxury homes and condos.Where did you start?Actually with the same great company I’m with now – Long and Foster in 1989. When I started, I was at their Foxhall office on New Mexico Avenue in Washington, D.C.Did you imagine when you were younger that you’d be a top producer?I was always ambitious and determined – I wanted to be among the best whatever I did.What sets you apart?My easy interaction with people – I think that a real estate transaction is a big deal so if you can...