DocuSign's vision of a seamless real estate transaction could be close to realization

Which product will win the 'keys to the kingdom?'
  • NAR CEO Dale Stinton said DocuSign was in a good position to provide an end-to-end real estate transaction process.
  • The tech company which does get the electronic real estate transaction process right will be able to take it to other industries, too.
  • The proliferation of more APIs will add great value to the real estate industry.

The industry has been talking about synchronizing electronic transactions in real estate for 20 years now — and the time could now be nigh. Dale Stinton, CEO of the DocuSign, summed it up yesterday in San Francisco when he said: “After my 35th year at NAR, in all that time, I have not seen a more opportune moment for intelligent minds to get together to figure out the electronic transaction process from beginning to end.