Rippled carpet needs a good stretching

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Q: Our three bedrooms, living room and dining room have cream-colored wall-to-wall carpet. It was installed 10 years ago, but it looks fairly new. We have no children, and our guests take off their shoes when they visit. Our problem is the carpet is bunching or bulging. We noticed this last year. It started in the living room, now it's all over the house. Is there a way to fix this? Whom should we call? – Frank (San Francisco, Calif.) A: It's likely that your carpet needs to be restretched. A poor carpet installation tends to show itself quickly. That this problem is coming up after nearly a decade leads us to believe the original job was probably done properly. Two reasons a carpet will bunch over time are either too much traffic or too much cleaning. So be careful with that steam vacuum. The person for the job is a professional carpet installer. Call your local carpet dealers and ask them to recommend a good installer. Often these tradespeople are independent cont...