How important is real estate agent’s reputation?

Professionalism, respect often trump highest offer in multiple-bid situations

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a real estate agent to represent you in a real estate transaction. Ideally, you'd like to work with an agent who is experienced, trustworthy, professional, reliable, a specialist in the area where you want to buy or sell, and someone with whom you have a good rapport. Another quality, often overlooked, is an agent's reputation within the local real estate community. Working with an agent who has the respect of his or her colleagues can enhance your chances of successfully negotiating a home purchase or sale. In a multiple offer presentation, an agent's reputation can be a critical factor in getting an offer accepted. A desirable listing in Upper Rockridge, a hot neighborhood in the Oakland Hills east of San Francisco, received seven offers from hopeful bidders. An agent who had a reputation for being difficult to work with presented the highest offer. The second best offer came from buyers whose agent had a reputation for being pro...