Aren’t certain repairs legally required after 12 years?

Peeling paint, leaky ceiling strike tenant's final nerve

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Question: I have been living in the same apartment more than 12 years and the walls need to be repainted. Not only are they dirty, but paint is peeling off the bathroom walls. Also, the molding in my apartment is chipped in many places, and the wooden cabinets in the bathroom have lost outer strips of wood due to moisture. I keep asking the manager about getting my apartment repainted but receive no response. Generally, they paint an apartment only when vacated. Does my landlord have any responsibility to repaint and fix the cabinets? Furthermore, my ceiling leaks. Is the landlord liable to repair the ceiling? Property manager Griswold replies: Your landlord is required to properly maintain the rental unit. This includes any deficiencies in habitability, such as water intrusion. Absent any specific local laws, the issue of painting is a little more complicated. If the rental unit needs to be repainted for habitability reasons (like the chipping and peeling that you describe) then t...