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Home inspector gets naked

Buyer spots property duo in back of bar

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Dear Real Estate Ethicist, Last year when I bought my home, my Realtor recommended the home inspector I used for my home sale. Last week, I was out with some friends during happy hour at a local bar when I spotted my agent in the back of the bar making out with my home inspector. Is this kosher? –Love Suspicious Dear Suspicious, I'll assume you are not asking me about the morality of your agent and home inspector having a tryst. As to the integrity of your home inspection, let's assume your home inspector and agent were cozy at the time of your home sale. It sounds like the inspection could have been compromised by their relationship. However, you set up this problem by taking a referral from your agent. Don't make that mistake again. –Real Estate Ethicist Got a question for the Ethicist? Send it to *** Send a Letter to the Editor for publication.Send a comment or news tip to our newsroom. Please include the headline of the story....