Pros and cons of lease-options

'Tenants expect to pay higher-than-market rent'

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There are always plenty of lease-option buyers and there is always a shortage of lease-option sellers. This is because most property buyers and sellers – plus their realty agents – don't have a clue how to put a lease-option transaction together. Lease-options are a combination real estate rental, sales and finance technique. Primarily, it is a lease of a property with monthly rent paid by the tenant to the owner. Secondarily, a lease-option gives the tenant the "opportunity" to buy the property on the agreed terms. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. 1 – LEASE-OPTION ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES FOR SELLERS. Many property sellers think lease-options are bad for sellers but good for buyers. As a lease-option seller of many rental houses, I strongly disagree. Lease-options have been very good for me. Rarely did I have any competition from other lease-option sellers. The result was I had my pick of the buyers. Although we'll discuss houses in this column, please reme...