Pest control company faces brain-damage lawsuit

Did residential pesticide spraying cause child's autism brain injury?

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Michael, a minor, through his mother and guardian, Mary, sued Andy's Termite and Pest Control Inc. for use of "Dursban" pesticide while spraying his residence. Allegedly, the spraying might have caused Michael's autism because his mother was pregnant at the time. Shortly after the spraying, Mary gave birth to Michael. He suffers from "chronic static encephalopathy," brain damage, cognitive impairment (IQ of 70-75), speech disorder and learning disabilities. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. In support of the theory that household spraying by the pest control company with Dursban caused Michael's autism, expert testimony was offered by several toxicologists and medical doctors. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prohibits human experimentation so animal studies were the scientific basis for its banning residential applications of Dursban in June 2000, but after Michael's birth. The attorney representing Andy's Termite and Pest Control Inc. objected to presenting the evi...