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Rookie Realtor learns ‘buyers are liars’

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"Buyers are liars." That's a phrase I've heard time and again from fellow Realtors since I first obtained my real estate salesperson's license last fall. And I'm starting to believe it, after some recent encounters that I, and some of my fellow rookie Realtors, have experienced in the past several weeks. To clarify, that quaint little catchphrase isn't meant to suggest that all buyers are lying cheats. Quite the contrary: Most are generally honest and sincere folks who simply want to purchase a home at the lowest possible cost. Good for them. Take an Inman News survey on whether buyers are liars. The problem, as any Realtor will tell you, is that many want-to-be home buyers aren't up-front and completely honest with the agent they choose to represent them. The typical end result is that the buyer doesn't get the house, the Realtor doesn't get a sales commission, and both parties wind up wasting a lot of time they'd rather have spent doing something else. I've worked with nearly ...