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Readers react to Rookie’s view on ethics

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Editor's note: Inman News received a pile of mail today from readers who wanted to either praise or condemn today's story, 'Rookie Realtor says no ethics in real estate'. Here is a selection of letters: Dear Rookie, What, you mean to tell me that in every industry, including and especially the "news reporting industry," there are not good people and shady people? Substitute any industry into this article and re-run. Are you, as what I thought was a "news reporting agency," becoming an opinionated basher of Realtors? I am disappointed that you'd even run such a nasty commentary. Bruce B. Hailstone Realtor Dear Rookie, You can't sell a house for the life of you, so you blame it on the fact that all of your "competition" (there is no competition by the way–only yourself) is unethical. Your job is dying, and you are going through the five stages. It appears you are at "anger" right now. Soon you will accept that you can't provide an adequate service to consumers who need t...