‘Tips and Traps When Selling a Home’

New book provides insider advice on successful home sale

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He's done it again. Prolific real estate author Robert Irwin's "Tips and Traps When Selling a Home, Third Edition" is another superb new book written by an experienced realty broker and investor. Irwin's latest book reveals insider tips many other "how to sell your home" books overlook. For example, Irwin emphasizes the importance of selling your home fast, regardless of the local residence sale market conditions. He explains when a house or condo is first placed on the market, that's when buyers and real estate agents are most interested in it. But the longer it languishes on the market unsold, perhaps because it is overpriced, the author warns buyers and their realty agents will think something is wrong and won't even inspect it or make a purchase offer. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Adding to his theme of fast sales, Irwin recommends 90-day listings. "I suggest never giving a listing for more than three months. In most markets that should be enough time for a good agent to f...