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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor says no ethics in real estate' (March 29) Dear Rookie, Stick to your convictions. People like you who hold up a mirror to our profession are making a great contribution. Your friend is wrong about compromising standards. I surely hope she never works with someone I care about. Charles Britt Broker Associate Towne & Country Real Estate Lexington, Ky. Dear Rookie, You hit the nail on the head! Your broker won't care if you bend or break the rules either, as long as the money comes in and no one files a complaint with your state real estate commission (if you have one). My experience has been that the more you expound about this, the more others will try to make your life miserable. They do not want this known to the public or anyone else. My observations and experiences as a Realtor for many years is that most of them are self-centered, uneducated, arrogant people who can't hold down a job anywhere else, used to sell door to door and are looking for a ...