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Real estate coaching builds top producer

Underdog agent masters fundamentals, achieves multimillion-dollar success

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Two agents launch their real estate careers with the same training, the same high-quality coaching, and both face serious personal problems that could potentially undermine their careers. One flourishes and becomes a multimillion-dollar producer in less than a year. The other leaves the business to take a job outside the industry. What made the difference? Why do so many promising agents fail while other agents with less promise have tremendous success? Is the difference in how well they are suited to the business? Is it how hard they work? Or is it whom they know? Consider the two following case studies. Agent #1: Imagine you're working more than 80 hours per week, not making any money, and in a very dysfunctional office. Peanut butter sandwiches are about all you can afford. Nevertheless, you decide to invest in the best training and coaching program you can find. You memorize the scripts, use the "proven" strategies, and your business starts to increase. Your coach tells you to...