How can I improve my chances of finding a home?

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Buyers started house hunting early this year in many areas to get a jump on the market while interest rates are still low. However, many buyers are finding that there are not enough houses to go around, at least not of the kind they're looking for. If you're having difficulty finding a home to buy, here are some tips about how to maximize your opportunities. Find a good agent in the area or areas where you want to buy. If you're looking in more than one area, you may need more than one agent–one for each area. A local specialist can get new listing information to you quickly and can advise you what to offer if you find yourself in competition. A local agent is also more likely to have established rapport with local listing agents. This can be quite useful when attempting to negotiate a home purchase. Make sure that you and your agent are on the same page. Share your wish list with your agent. It's a good idea to visit at least several homes with your agent initially to make sur...