Home sellers poised to enjoy spring real estate boom

Why this is the best time of year to list your home for sale

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, 2004 is off to a great start for house and condo sales volume in most communities. The primary reasons are mortgage interest rates are still ultra-low, and prospective home buyers are out in droves looking for houses and condos to buy. The market for second- or vacation-home sales is also robust. However, there's just one little problem. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. In many communities, there is a shortage of listings realistically priced at market value. That's called a "seller's market" because there are more qualified home buyers than there are homes available for sale. But a few areas have too many unsold listings (usually due to local economic conditions). That's called a "buyer's market" because there are more homes listed for sale than there are qualified buyers. In other words, a local buyer's market creates a great time to buy. SPRING IS WHEN HOME BUYERS COME OUT OF THEIR WINTER HIBERNATION. If you are considering selling ...