Bankruptcy jeopardizes real estate assets

Don't file unless you understand consequences

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DEAR BOB: I am a single mother who owes about $27,000 in credit-card debt. I also owe $177,650 on my home mortgage. It is my primary residence. Can I file bankruptcy without including my mortgage so I won't lose my home? – Fabiana B. DEAR FABIANA: Please don't file bankruptcy unless you fully understand the adverse consequences. Your credit will be ruined for at least two years, usually longer. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Unless your home is in Florida or Texas, which have unlimited homestead protection for homeowners who file bankruptcy, if you file Chapter 7 "ultimate" bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee could insist your home be sold to pay your creditors. If you just need to spread out your credit card payments over 60 months or less, and perhaps reduce the interest rate, Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization might be best for you. However, if you owe far more than your assets, and if you don't have enough income to make deferred payments, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be ...