Why seller financing is best way to buy home

Junk fees, 'nasty lenders' non grata

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DEAR BOB: We built a house on my wife's parents' 20-acre property. Their money was used to finance construction with the intent of our buying it from them when the house was completed. It is now almost finished. What is the best way to transfer ownership to my wife and me? The parents have the financial means to carry the mortgage, if that's good for us. What about the legal matters? – Dale C. DEAR DALE: Congratulations on choosing your in-laws very well. Seller financing is almost always the best way for a home buyer to finance a home purchase. Then you won't have to deal with nasty mortgage lenders, loan committees or pay unnecessary mortgage junk or garbage fees. Depending on the state where the property is located, a promissory note with a mortgage or deed of trust recorded against the title as the security device should be used. Your in-laws can transfer title to you and your wife with a quit claim deed. However, when you take title, be sure to get an owner's title insurance...