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Oregon mecca ‘winning war on urban sprawl’

Study finds Portland's single-family densities already exceed 2040 goals

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A recent study appearing in the Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) Spring 2004 issue finds that growth management strategies used in Portland, Ore., to control urban sprawl are working. The study's authors, Gerrit-Jan Knaap from the University of Maryland and Yan Song from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said, "Portland is winning the war on urban sprawl at the neighborhood scale." "This is a lesson to other states and cities that thoughtful planning approaches carried out over time can change development patterns for the better," said Knaap, who is executive director of the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education at the University of Maryland. Knaap and Song's study compared specific measurements of urban form in two Portland-area neighborhoods located in Washington County. One was Orenco Station, a "New Urbanist" neighborhood near a computer plant and light rail line. Forest Glen, a neighborhood in southern Beaverton, was selected...