Mortgage lender mistake kills good-faith estimate

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"At our closing last year, I was shocked to find that the title insurance cost was $800 higher than the estimate shown on a revised Good Faith Estimate (GFE) we had received several days before the closing. At the closing held at the title company, I asked the title company representative what had changed in the two days that would cause such an increase. He said that nothing had changed, that the title company had faxed the correct figure to my lender several weeks before the date of the GFE, and he gave me a copy of the fax. The lender had simply disregarded the fax. I understand that the GFE shows estimates, but isn't the lender obligated to provide the best estimates possible? Is there a regulatory agency to which I can complain?" If the lender had an accurate figure from the service provider and didn't use it, clearly the estimate was not made in good faith. Why do some lenders do this? They know that many borrowers look at settlement-cost estimates in shopping lenders, so they...