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Rookie Realtor spouse speaks out

Get a job baby, stop 'playing Realtor'

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Hi. My name is–well, my name's not important–but I'm the Rookie Realtor's spouse. Every week, for the past few months, my "better half" has whined, ranted and raved in this column. Now, it's my turn. First off, I don't think that writing this type of weekly article is such a great idea. My spouse has shared some things with you that, frankly, I don't think are any of your damn businesses–like the financial information that we included on our joint income-tax return and that subsequently was published by Inman News last month. I'm told that this column is very popular, but I cannot understand why. It seems to me that it's based entirely on failure, week-in and week-out. What kind of person wants to read about that? Another thing that bugs me is that when the Rookie writes about the latest disappointment, people from all over the country send e-mails that then also get published. Some of the comments are helpful. A few are downright nasty. But most just encourage the ...