New take on acquiring investment real estate

How to find a good deal on a second home

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If you are thinking about buying a second or vacation home, first read Tom Kelly and John Tuccillo's "How a Second Home Can Be Your Best Investment." This new book is filled with ideas and alternatives you might never have considered. The book's basic approach is to look at the purchase of a second or vacation home primarily as an investment property and secondarily as a property for personal enjoyment. Throughout the book there are dozens of examples to illustrate the considerations involved in second or vacation house or condo investments. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. But don't get discouraged by the out-of-place second chapter. After the first chapter gets off to a great start explaining the benefits of owning a second or vacation home, the next chapter makes a sharp 45-degree turn by unexpectedly switching to a discussion of tax-deferred exchanges (incorrectly called tax-free exchanges) and tax-free principal residence sales. What were the authors thinking? Fortun...