Beware of mortgage spam

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"I have one e-mail message offering a 2.95 percent mortgage, and another saying that poor credit is not a problem. Should I take these seriously?" Follow my lead and take them to the delete bin. When I log onto my computer in the morning, I might find 100 letters in my inbox, of which about 75 will be spam. The largest category are those that want to enhance my sexual capacity in one way or another, but those looking to interest me in a mortgage run a close second. A spamster I once spoke to told me why mortgage spam makes outrageous claims. "The more outrageous the claim," he said very matter-of-factly, "the higher the response rate." This is why we read about "2.95 percent mortgages"; "poor credit not a problem"; "we cut your payment by 45 percent"; "buy the home you couldn't dream you could afford"; "you are approved"; and on and on. These claims, like those for enhancing my sexuality, are all fantasy. Most of the people who make the claims aren't loan providers and have no say...