What is a mortgage junk fee?

Recourse may require visit to Small Claims Court

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DEAR BOB: We recently refinanced our home mortgage to lower the interest rate and take out cash to pay off all our credit-card debt. But, at the last minute before we were expected to sign the loan papers, the mortgage broker's documents she gave us showed large fees we had never heard of before. Because we were refinancing, we told the broker we didn't want to pay any loan fee points, which, as you explained many times, can only be deducted over the life of the refinanced mortgage. In addition to the appraisal fee and lender's title insurance fee, which we expected, there were extras that weren't listed on the "good faith estimate," which the mortgage broker gave us after we applied for the refinance. We were charged an administration fee, underwriting fee, documentation fee, inspection fee, preparation fee, wire fee, courier fee and even a miscellaneous fee. The total was about $3,800. When we protested, our mortgage broker said it was the lender, not the broker, who imposed these fe...