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California Realtors push legislative agenda

Realtors meet with lawmakers in Sacramento

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A group of about 2,000 California Realtors descended on the state capital in Sacramento this week to meet with legislators and promote the agenda of the state association of Realtors. The California Association of Realtors sponsored eight bills this year and six in 2003. Protecting private property rights and increasing the supply of homes in the state are at the top of the legislative agenda. Among the association-sponsored bills introduced this year: Assembly Bill 578 would affirm the ability of county recorders to receive real estate transactional documents electronically. Orange County has implemented a pilot project for this system. AB 920 would change the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report form to require a supplying consultant to sign his or her own work product, rather than the seller or agent. AB 2175, co-sponsored by the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, creates standards for condominium conversions and permits an owner to convert to condos if at least 50 perc...