Neglected pool incites health scare

Indifferent landlord faces rising costs, risks

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Question: We have a pool in the center of the courtyard at my apartment community. It is cleaned only on Fridays and since the filtering system is never run, there is always algae growing in the pool by Tuesday. I am concerned that it is unhealthy to even be near the pool, nonetheless actually wade through the thick layer of green slime to get in. I am wondering what kind of recourse tenants have to get the pool cleaned on a more regular basis, especially in the summer? Should the health department be notified? We have already expressed our concerns to the landlord, but no corrections were made. Tenants' attorney Kellman replies: A pool can be great to have handy for those hot summer days. It must, however, be properly maintained or it becomes a danger exposing you to risks of illness or even death. Landlords should take pool maintenance very seriously. Improperly cleaned water may promote dangerous bacteria easily capable of making you ill. Improperly maintained suction vents can ca...