Homeowners upset over window replacement fees

Can condo association levy $4,000 assessment when it has plenty of money?

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DEAR BOB: I live in a wonderful but older condo complex of 78 units. It was a garden apartment development built around 1965 that was later converted to condos in 1980. The board of directors recently voted to replace our old single-pane windows with double-pane, super-duper energy-efficient windows. I agree that's a good idea. But they levied a $4,000 special assessment on each condo owner without any vote of the members. When I inquired, I was told no vote is required because if the cost of new windows is taken from our reserve account, we will then be in a dangerous financial situation. Many of my fellow owners and I say the purpose of our reserves is to pay for major replacements like this. Can the directors levy a $4,000 assessment on each condo owner without a member vote when we have plenty of money in the reserves? – Grace A. DEAR GRACE: Without reading your condo CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) and by-laws, I can't give you a legal answer if a vote of...