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Dream homes on eBay (Barbie not included)

Part 1: Housing dreams made on the Web

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Editor's note: The Internet has been a partner in the home ownership explosion of the last decade, prompting anyone with a computer to find his or her perfect home. In this special three-part series, we explored some of the more unique homes people have found online. These are homes that, pre-Internet, would've been difficult, if not impossible to find. (See Part 2: Historic home travels from Michigan to California and Part 3: Buyers trade city digs for slice of rural paradise.) Suzanne "Mercedes" Hayes sells a lot of stuff on eBay. Just this week, the eBay merchant's list of for-sale items included a "Star Wars" chess set, the Jay Jay plush rocker by Toy Island, two mint-condition porcelain harlequin clowns with brown feathers, a Lite Brite Cube, a Caterpillar toy plastic wheelbarrow with jackhammer, a Hummer Pedal Car by Velocity Toys, a Playmobil Jungle Skeleton Dinosaur Cave toy and a Lou Rankin plush Charlie Chow stuffed animal. That list also includes a multimillion-dollar ...