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Historic home travels from Michigan to California

Part 2: Housing dreams made on the Web

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Editor's note: The Internet has been a partner in the home ownership explosion of the last decade, prompting anyone with a computer to find his or her perfect home. In this special three-part series, we explore some of the more unique homes people have found online. These are homes that, pre-Internet, would've been difficult, if not impossible to find. See Part 1: Dream homes on eBay (Barbie not included) and Part 3: Buyers trade city digs for slice of rural paradise.) Marci and Don Camacho originally planned to build a replica Victorian on land they own in California's Sonoma County. Instead, they ended up with an 1831 Greek revival house from Michigan. View Wilcox house slideshow. The timber frame house journeyed west after being dismantled piece by piece and carefully stored. It's now being pieced back together much like a jigsaw puzzle in the little town of Occidental, about 90 minutes north of San Francisco. The process is far from over – Marci Camacho estimates it wil...