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Realtors file complaint against FSBO Web site

New Hampshire group alleges acts as broker without license

The New Hampshire Association of Realtors has filed a complaint against, asking that the for-sale-by-owner Web site be sanctioned for allegedly acting as a broker without a license. The complaint, filed with the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission, asks that the commission require to repay all fees collected from New Hampshire residents and "also sanction ISMH at a level commensurate with the scope of violations demonstrated." ISoldMyHouse general manager John F. Gallagher on Thursday said the allegations are unfounded and not rooted in truth. "We look at this as being totally frivolous," Gallagher said. "We feel it's a desperate move on the Realtors' trade group of New Hampshire to try and put up a smokescreen. We feel that the traditional real estate agent has a broken business model." ISoldMyHouse is a classified advertising service, Gallagher said, comparing it to a glorified version of the real estate ads in the Sunday newspaper. The compan...