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‘Anti-Wal-Mart’ bill passes in Golden State

California real estate laws may soon come your way

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California lawmakers ended one of their most tumultuous legislative sessions in years this weekend by approving a bevy of real-estate-related measures that eventually could spread to other parts of the nation. The National Association of Realtors and other big real estate trade groups always keep a close eye on California legislation, in part because the state has a reputation for creating new laws–some good, others bad–that often serve as models for other states. The new laws range from heightened disclosure of the home addresses of sex offenders to an "anti-Wal-Mart" bill that could discourage construction of big-box retail stores. Bleary-eyed California legislators gaveled this year's session to a close shortly before dawn on Saturday. As usual, special-interest groups ranging from Realtors and lenders to homeowner associations and builders were right there with them–or in the hallways, at least–to make one last pitch for bills they either favored or opposed...