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The presidential housing platform

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The National Association of Home Builders, a trade association whose members employ about 8 million workers, asked leading presidential candidates, President George W. Bush and U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., about their political stances on various housing issues. Their responses were featured this week in an edition of Nation's Building News Online, the association's weekly online news publication. The following are excerpts from those questions and responses: NAHB: Housing has been a major contributor to the nation's economic growth in recent years. Looking ahead, how critical is housing's performance to the nation's economic recovery? What specifically would you do to ensure that housing production and home sales continue to lead the economy forward? BUSH: Home ownership rates have soared to record levels in recent months, further evidence of a growing economy. By lowering taxes and laying the foundation for companies to create new jobs, we are contributing to the strength of the h...