Wheelchair user sues over theater’s seating policy

Did theater owner discriminate against disabled customer?

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Robin Fortyune is a C-5 quadriplegic who requires both a wheelchair and an aide to attend movie theaters. Robin and his wife, Felicia, attempted to view a first-run film at the American Multi-Cinema (AMC) Theater. The 4:45 p.m. screening was well attended. AMC "over-sold" tickets for that show. Fortyune and his wife arrived about 20 minutes before showtime. The auditorium has four wheelchair spaces, each adjoined by a companion seat. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. A sign on these seats says "NOTICE: This seat is designated as COMPANION SEATING for our disabled guests, per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. It may be necessary to ask non-disabled patrons to move." When Mrs. Fortyune found all four companion seats occupied for the sold-out showing, she asked theater manager, Jason Kulbel, for help. But he was unable to get any non-companion customer to move. The manager said he could not require such customers to move. After refusing Kulbel's offer to view ano...