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Former mining town for sale in British Columbia

Town has dozens of homes but only two residents

A remote and abandoned mining town on the shores of a fiord in British Columbia, Canada – which has about 90 houses and duplexes, seven apartment buildings with a total of about 200 units, a shopping center, two recreation centers, a hospital, large works yard and a local dock – is up for grabs. The entire 322-acre site is expected to fetch an offer in the $7 million range, according to an announcement today by a marketing company and a realty company in British Columbia. A molybdenum mine in the area was shutdown in the 1980s, and the town has been mostly vacant ever since. The announcement states, "A caretaker and his wife are the only residents who remain." LandQuest Realty Corp., a real estate company that specializes in rural and trophy properties in the British Columbia province, is no stranger to exotic property sales. The company's Web site currently features such listings as a deluxe equestrian center, a 2.5-acre island in the Queen Charlotte Islands, a 42-acre "h...