Wheelchair user sues theater over ‘no pets’ policy

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Kathleen Lentini is a quadriplegic who uses a wheelchair for mobility. She has a small "service dog" Shih Tzu/Poodle mix named Jazz who provides minimal protection and retrieves small dropped items. During the 1997-1998 season, Lentini attended 10 or 11 events at the Center for the Arts Theater. On two occasions, during intermissions, Jazz either yipped or barked when an individual approached Lentini. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. After Jazz was told by Lentini, "It's OK," there were no further problems. Although no patrons complained, theater sales director Randall Vogel and house manager Alan Corbin instructed the security officer not to allow Lentini's service dog into any future event. When Lentini refused to remove Jazz from another event, a security officer called the local police. Corbin was prepared to sign a citizen's arrest to have Lentini arrested and removed from the theater unless she removed Jazz. She reluctantly left voluntarily. Lentini then filed a lawsuit ag...