Uninsured driver risks mother’s house in fender-bender

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DEAR BOB: Although I am only 67, at times I feel I am losing my "marbles." As a widow with several health issues that I've overcome, I feel very fortunate to have a nice townhome with good neighbors who I like and who look in on me to be sure I'm OK. My problem is my 33-year-old son. About a year ago, when I was in bad health, I thought it would be smart to add his name to my title as a joint tenant with right of survivorship to avoid probate when I died. However, I survived! I knew my son had been in an auto accident with injuries to the other party, but I thought he had adequate insurance. He recently had a $400,000 uninsured negligence judgment rendered against him. His auto insurance had lapsed. He is essentially broke. Because he is co-owner of my townhome, the plaintiff's attorney threatens to levy on my townhome, which is worth around $300,000 free and clear. Is this legal? – Frieda H. DEAR FRIEDA: The exact answer depends on state law where the townhome is located. Most s...