Mortgage broker reveals insider home-loan secrets

Book ideal for first-time buyers

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When I first saw "Mortgages 101" by David Reed on the bookstore shelf, I wasn't sure if it was a college mortgage course or perhaps a basic "how to get a mortgage book." It is neither. Instead, it offers a unique survey of 250 mortgage questions (they aren't numbered and I didn't keep count) and answers that explain how the multibillion-dollar home-mortgage industry really works. This new book provides important information from an experienced mortgage broker whose home-finance articles I have enjoyed for many years. Reed shares his insider home-loan secrets, offering sage advice along the way on how to overcome frequent home-mortgage problems. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. As I read and enjoyed this book, I asked myself, "Who should read this excellent book?" Frankly, the format is not very appealing to first-time home buyers who need this profitable information laid out in an easy-to-read format. It is "hard slugging" through page after page in the first few chapters of very...