Sneaky builder attempts to undermine home warranty

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Dear Barry, I purchased a brand-new home less than one year ago and expected to be covered by the builder's warranty. But the builder refuses to repair any of the defects I've reported to him. For example, black mastic has seeped through the tile joints in my bathroom counter. He says I should have noticed these conditions during my final walkthrough inspection, prior to purchase. Since I did not see this condition then, he says it's not covered by the warranty. What should I do? –Carolyn Dear Carolyn, The actions and motives of some individuals are denigrated by vast quantities of soiled neurons – a condition commonly known as dirty nerve. Your builder would appear to be one of those unprincipled persons. Since when are builders' warranties limited merely to defects that a buyer happens to notice on the day of a final walkthrough inspection? What does he presume a walkthrough inspection to be, a reality game show? He needs to wake up to the laws that apply to his chose...