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Homeowners urge real estate antitrust crackdown

Recommend federal rule to pre-empt state dual agency laws

The American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance (AHGA), a national advocacy organization representing the nation's 70 million homeowners, has recommended an aggressive agenda to the Antitrust Modernization Commission that suggests ways to improve antitrust and consumer protection laws. Congress created the Antitrust Modernization Commission in 2002 to examine whether the need exists to modernize the antitrust laws, to identify and study related issues and evaluate the advisability of proposals, and to prepare and submit recommendations to Congress and the President. The commission consists of 12 members, four of which were appointed by the President, four by the leadership of the Senate, and four by the leadership of the House of Representatives. The Commission solicited public recommendations on or before Oct. 1, 2004. In its recommendations AHGA noted "The ultimate purposes of the nation's antitrust laws are to protect consumers, and AHGA believes that should be the focus of any revisi...