Can tenant break lease to buy condo?

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Question: Currently I am renting an apartment, but an unanticipated opportunity has arisen where I'm able to purchase a condo if I can just get out of the balance of my long-term lease. The lease states that if I terminate the lease early I must cancel in writing while paying the balance of rent due through my actual move-out date plus an early termination fee equal to one month's rent. Is there any way of getting out of this or at least reducing some of this cost? I know that there is a waiting list for apartments in the complex so it should be rented fairly quickly. Also, I plan on cleaning the apartment up as best as possible so that it can be rented right away. Property Manager Griswold replies: Since you have no legal grounds to prematurely terminate your lease, the liquidated damages clause is actually a good option. The tenant-landlord laws typically state that you are responsible for the entire balance of the lease period or until the rental unit is re-rented. While the landlor...