Replacing a troublesome shower pan

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One of the wonderful things about ceramic tile showers is that they are virtually indestructible and with proper care and under most circumstances they will last the life of the house. On the down side, however, is the fact that if a tile shower should happen to fail, the repairs can be costly. The most common cause of a problem with a tile shower occurs when the pan – the bottom of the shower, where the drain is – fails to properly hold water. When this occurs, the only real recourse is to replace the pan before the leaking water can do major damage to the structural framing of the floor it's sitting on. One course of action is to replace the entire shower, walls as well as pan. This results in the cleanest installation and the best assurance against future leaks. It's also the most expensive type of repair, so it's also well worth exploring the possibility of replacing just the pan. The shower pans in use today are constructed using a thick, heavy duty PVC liner. The l...