Spotting water damage before it’s too late

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Water is one of those seemingly innocent things around the house that gets underestimated in its potential to do damage. A trap that's not tight, a toilet seal that's lost its grip, a water line with a tiny drip - it's not much water and it's hard to see or hear, but every day it continues it has the potential to wear away structural members, cause mold growth and create a number of problems for you and your home. For the most part, though, water leaks leave their warning signs, so you need to be aware if your home is using any of the following visual clues to try and warn you. STAINS The most obvious water leak indicator, other than standing water, is a water stain. Stains may appear: Around windows or the bottom of exterior doors, indicating that water is entering from the outside; At the joint between the ceiling and an exterior wall. This could be an indication of a roof leak, but in this location it probably indicates an ice-damming problem. Anywhere else along the ceiling...