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Data licensing remains controversial for MLSs

Survey measures attitudes on tech vendors, transaction systems

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Data licensing remains a controversial issue within the real estate industry, and multiple listing service organizations have been scared off from innovating on that front, according to an MLS Technology Survey conducted by WAV Group. WAV Group, a business and technology consultant, surveyed 208 MLS representatives from 164 MLSs nationwide to gauge technology sentiment at the organizations. Only 15 respondents said they plan to license MLS data for non-traditional products in the near future, while 85 said no and 87 said they were undecided. The remaining 21 survey participants didn't answer. Data licensing is "still in a wait-and-see mode," said Mike Audet, partner with the WAV Group. Concerns about data licensing include whether it's appropriate to license data beyond its original uses, questions over who owns the data and whether it is proprietary information as well as worries over privacy and confidentiality of the data if it were licensed. Survey responses varied on the questio...