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Homeowners insurance program expands

California eases red tape for minimal fire policy coverage

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In response to rising difficulty consumers in California now face in securing homeowners insurance following last year's firestorms, Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi has eased eligibility requirements for the state's FAIR Plan, the so-called homeowners insurer of last resort. The action allows property owners to bypass certain cumbersome application requirements, and expands the areas covered by the program. Since last year's Southern California wildfires, numerous consumers have complained that they have had difficulty securing homeowners insurance, particularly in high-brush areas of the state. In those cases, the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan offers an alternative–a "bare bones" fire policy that will give minimal coverage in case of disaster. The policy is not inexpensive, and does not offer the complete level of protection a standard policy would provide, but it is an important tool for those who would otherwise go without, according to the Commissioner. "A...