Tenant seeks to break lease over property noise

How accommodating must landlord be on this issue?

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Question: I am extremely unhappy at my new apartment. There are things about the apartment that I didn't know about. For example, I work extremely late at night on the weekends and get woken up to people doing laundry at 7 a.m. I was unaware that my bedroom was right above the laundry room; there are many other things that I am very unhappy about, is there anyway I can get out of my 1-year lease because of these things. Please help! Landlord's attorney Smith replies: As the landlord's attorney, I do not see facts here that would justify your getting out of your 1-year lease of the apartment. The landlord's covenant of quiet enjoyment does not extend to providing a perfectly sound-free environment. The noises you refer to – walking, normal talking and moderate sounds from the laundry room – are inherent in multi-unit apartment housing. I note that you are the one with the unusual hours. The other tenants apparently work normal hours. Use of the laundry room at 7 a.m. is r...