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Why Realtors can’t seem to profit from the Internet

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It seems that every Realtor I run across has horrible war stories of their attempts at establishing themselves on the Internet. Realtors shelling out thousands of dollars on Web sites that "might be doing something" or "look pretty" is par for the course. The way a businessperson conducts him or herself on the Internet should be no different than any other aspect of their business. You should have concrete metrics on how your Web site is working for you. You should know how many sales you make as a result of your Web site and should do everything in your power to keep your percentage of Internet leads growing above the industry average. There are five main reasons why Realtors on the whole, have not profited in any great numbers from the Internet. I'm not saying there aren't a few Realtors out there making a killing. But they either have figured out what I'm going to tell you or they are so popular that they could fart and sell a house. Here are the five main reasons Realtors cannot ...